Fuck i hate civilization
Holy fuck the beatles

Man how about them beatles, the band. Okay so i seem to notice pretty much everyday the thing in the right corner of my facebook saying i should like the beatles like 30 of my other friends do, but how many of those friends genuinely like the beatles, and aren’t just fans cause it sounds like an ‘indie’ thing to do or they saw accross the universe and thought the music on it was decent even then didn’t know who was singing it. Also if you’re only a fan cause the band is old and ‘vintage’ then just stop now, you’re a loser. You know you are one of these people when it says on your facebook music interests include the following… Britney spears, christina aguilera, justin bieber, the beatles, adam lambert, the beatles, culture club…  yeah you get the idea. But yes if you like the band because of their originality and their hair cuts then go for it, but don’t try and be a poser it pisses people off and i won’t respect you.

yeah right cottonelle…

Okay so you guys all know that commercial with the unrealistic friendly bears that achually use toilet paper and more specifically cotonelle, but common wild bear’s do not use toilet paper to wipe their asses, it’s not like they can just waltz into sobeys and grap a 24 pack with a 20 sheet, it’d be ridiculous. Expecially cottonelle of all brand’s, i hate cottonelle, sure i believe them it’s made out of pure cotton but who the hell wants that? the one time my mom gave into the stupid commericial thinking if bears use it, it must be pretty good, with no little white pieces left behind, yeah bullshit if there are little white pieces left behind, you’re probabley using shredded paper to wipe our ass, toilet paper doesn’t do that. But anyway this whole cotton bullshit is stupid, it’s almost too comfortable, i didn’t ask to wipe my ass with this, i might as well just use old blankets out of my linnen closet. It doesn’t really clean your ass, it basically just makes your butt cheeks feel comfortable while spreading the shit around. And i am one of those people that hates the feel of cotton balls so this toilet paper is a huge no.

This one doesn’t really having anything to do with societe, i just hate cottonelle’s bullshit commercials so ‘bear’ with me.

my hot clothes!

Man dont  i love them brand name clothes. I mean if the cooler kids that have more money wear it, it must be the new thing right? Totally wrong, and how did kids as young as it seems 2 years old hear about these hot name brands like abercrombie, hollister, but not american eagle as much anymore cuz cooler kids don’t wear it as much cuz polo’s aren’t that cool so that means it’s probabley not ’in’ right? Why do cooler kids or whoever dictate your own style, what happened to the independant kids of the 90’s, yes you remember, when 10 dollar overalls were worn by any age, and plaid shirts were worn because of there cheap price and not because you saw those skateboarders wearing them and you thought they looked cool, and when you noticed hollister were makin them you thought ‘jeez i was on to something’. And now since plaid apparel cost 50+ dollars it’s definately the new fad, even though youd find the same thing at your local value village for 5 bucks but that’s gross right? And oh god i love having the shirts that have random places in southern california smeared on the my tshirt. Like look mine says laguna beach, and even though ive never been therebut  it sounds like a cool place and everything, and there was that cool show called laguna beach so sounds good to me. Like hey, compton in ‘S0-CAL’ too right, god i love saying so-cal it’s such a cool thing to say. But as i was saying compton is in southern california, why don’t they have a compton so cal tee, hmm weird, cuz it’s in so cal so id wear it either way. Also everything i said above was totally sarcastic and shouldnt be taken seriously. But anyway maybe we could all just start wearing things because we liked it, and not because in the back of your head you thought hey people at school were wearing this so i should definately purchase this, and no you don’t have to drag your parents to toronto to get the newest hollister line, moncton should suffice if your taking my advice. Thanks

the not so secret life

Okay so since when are things private if they are put on national television. Secret thing of teens like pregnancy and sex have been public for years since people started realizing hey my teenage children were achually getting knocked up, people started watching maury and realizing he wasn’t lieing when he said his guests were achually 15 like they said they were. Thank god we have The secret life of the ‘american’ teenager to help all teens, not just americans, realize having kids isn’t such a bad thing and ‘loving’ someone when you’re 15 isn’t so cliche after all, maybe condesending teens achually do love eachother. But please, teen viewers looking for some good well acted drama could care less about who’s getting pregnant next and who’s mom just got pregnant in an effort to relate more to their kid’s. I didn’t tune in to watch a spin off of ‘passions’ like why are these kids all so depressing and over dramatic, all this show needs now is the foggy lense affect to really juice all their problems. And where did they find these actors, they suck… like did the network just pick people off a list of drama students at a local high school, i don’t believe a thing these people say, i’d rather skip this show and ask my middle-age parents how they’d deal if they had me when they were in high school back in 85’ or even just catch up on good ol’ degrassi junior high, a much better executed CANADIAN teen drama for everyone, not just americans.